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Emergency Taxi Services

You are on your way to an important meeting with a client. A couple of kilometers from your meeting venue, your car breaks down. Your day is quite busy. There is a parent meeting at your child’s school at 12 noon. Being a Friday, you have a departmental meeting in your company at 4 pm. Later at 7 pm, you are supposed to attend a friend’s cocktail party.

A little earlier, you left your office in an ecstatic mood. Passed by the gas station and filled the tank. You were optimistic your day is going to be smooth. But here you are, with your car threatening to bring your day to a standstill. What do you do?

Simple - take out your phone. Go to Friendship Taxi App and order a service. Apart from sending you a taxi to whisk you to your meeting; we will repair your car and deliver it to you in record time.

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Efficient Corporate Taxi Services

Your company’s financial calendar is drawing to a close. There are meetings taking place all over the place. Your employees are forced to work late. Without a dedicated transport provider, things can get out of hand. In such times, you need safe and reliable means of transport.

Our corporate taxi services are designed to ensure you never run late for meetings. Our drivers will pick you and drop you off on time. And when you are working late; we will make sure everyone gets home safely.

At Friendship Taxi (U) Ltd, our business is to provide you with safe and reliable taxi services, for smooth running of your business.

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Executive Taxi

Are your partners in town? Do you want to treat them to executive rides worth their status? Think Friendship Taxi. On our fleet are cars specially reserved for executive hire? Manned by professional drivers, they are immaculately clean and comfortable.

At Friendship Taxi (U) Ltd, we understand your deepest desires. Thus, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with comfortable, safe and reliable taxi services. Our drivers are highly experienced; they make sure you reach to your destination fast and safely.

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Comprehensive Cover

We are not just another taxi/cab near you, but we take responsibility of our clients. We have insured all our vehicles, our drivers and our passengers, in the event that you are involved in an accident or in an event that you loose any of your items when using any of our vehicles you are insured.

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